Next Chapter

We have decided its time to take a step and see where God leads.

This year we officially started Bayne Custom Woodworking and launched a new website,

You can also follow along on Instagram @baynecustomwoodworking

I have not quit my day job but this will certainly be a step towards changing my office from pushing keys on a keyboard to a workbench and making saw dust. At present I get about 15 – 20 hours a week in the shop after work and on weekends.

I will continue to learn my craft by building custom furniture, toys and keepsakes. At some point we will be adding an Etsy site in order to sell some of the items. Please feel free to follow the new site. While I am sure that family pictures will pop in now and the, the purpose will be to promote the items I am building and the new processes I figure out.

I want to thank all of those who have followed this blog over the years and assure you that, for now, I will do my best to keep it updated with family events and happenings. I am sure there will be more pictures of grandchildren at some point.

God Bless

Roger Bayne


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Last edition to Miller house

I had cut all the materials for 2 Adirondack chairs to take up with the dresser and loft bed. However because of space they had to go disassembled.

David asked if he could put them together. Sure I said and handed him the plans and materials. Keep in mind he had never put them together before.

Great job David!


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Miller family house

A few months ago Sarah asked me to build her a new dresser because it was time to sell thier home and find a bit larger one for thier family. While I was at it, could I also build a bunk/loft bed so they could move the girls into the same bedroom.

My kids always provide me with challenges, but that also means they are guinea pigs while I try new designs and processes.

So she provided me with a picture of the loft bed and we found plans on on “The House of Wood” for the dresser. As we always do, we adjusted things just a bit to fit the clients needs and wants. 

Both items were built here in Mt Juliet Tn. , disassembled and packed into a uhaul trailer and driven 425 miles. Fortunantly the house they bought has a few large garages/barns where we assembled everything and painted/sanded and painted again.



Because we had a full week to spend up there we were able to accomplish a number of projects for them.

The first day Becky, Sarah and David began flipping the downstairs bathroom. This meant remvoign wallpaper and prepping the walls. Then while grandma kept her 2 granddaughters occupied, fed, changed, and entertained, David and I put faux shiplap, made of 3/8 sanded plywood, up on the walls of the bathroom. We then painted and replaced the fixtures.
Once that was done we put the same type or shiplap on one living room wall as an accent.
2017-08-31 11.13.12
Not done yet, there is another bathroom to flip, more wallpaper to come down. Sarah did this on her day off. But it also needed a new sink, which needed a new vanity to be built. Yet another picture and make up plans on the fly.
2017-09-02 18.47.14
2017-09-02 18.47.22
All the while finding time to enjoy our granddaughters

It was a great week but a busy one. It was fun working with David and learning new concepts and ideas with him. He is a great student and a good teacher.


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Barn Door project

My latest project is ready to be hung and used between a master bedroom and master bath.

At 96″ x 42″ this door is built with Poplar wood and stained with Minwax Dark Walnut to match the furniture in the room. After standing it up i nthe room we get great contrasts with the lighter floor and it blends well with the green walls.

Fortunantly for me I only had to buld it, the person I built it for will do the installation. I also provided a couple hours of workshop time with Jeremy. It’s not often these days that we get to buid together.



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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s day to Ashley Bayne celebrating her 1st mother’s day, Sarah Miller celebrating her 3rd mother’s day, Becky Bayne celebrating her 33rd, Mary Cole celebrating number 56 and my mom who celebrated too few. All unselfish, giving moms who have earned cheers today!

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Time to catch up

It’s been a while since I updated this with everything going on around here.

Last weekend we spent 3 days with the Miller family in Indianapolis. With Sarah now a franchise owner of Sylvan learning in nearby Fishers, they split time between there andd South Bend. Last time we saw them Teagan was not walking but now there is nothing getting in her way when she wants to get somewhere. She still is smaller at 14 months than her cousin Jonas is at 7 months.
Elsie is quite the big sister and seems to be a little adult at the grand ole age of 3.
Pictures here

While being with the girls is always the highlight of traveling up there, we did add a  a few other highlights while we were there.
Being a woodworker, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is an online and brickfront store I use quite often for tools and supplies. I found out they had a store 20 minutes from the house they are staying on. Not only did we make one visit to the store, but 2 in order to stock up. This kids surprised me with a nice belated Christmas gift while at the store. However I think it was a bit selfserving because they want me to build two beds and dresser for when they move into thier new house. Did I mention they sold thier house in South Bend and are looking for a new one?

Another highlight was meeting a friend of my son in law. There was a young pitcher for the Red Sox a few years back named Justin Masterson. Drafted by the Sox and pitched a while for the major league team. Well David, wanting to get on our good side when he met Sarah, told us that he went to college with Justin and knew him. That Christmas David got both Jeremy and I a signed baseball by him. Nice gift and we both have them on display at home.  Well last Sunday after church I was out warming up the car when Becky called me back into chuch. So in I went, she said he wants you to meet someone. I turned the corner and who was David talking to , Justin Masterson. David told me he had to prove he was not a liar. Only took him about 9 1/2 years to prove it. 🙂 Of course I had to get a picture and send it to Jeremy.
He is a great young man with a great testamony for God.
So David is not a liar and made some massive brownie points that day.

After returning home we got to spend Tuesday evening with our grandson Jonas while mom and dad were working a show here in Nashville. They both successfully operate Bayne Production  which keeps them busy and Jeremy on the road.
2017-02-19 14.33.43

Becky has been busy with the Business Boutique events traveling all over the country representing her buisness.
She  has also  been nominated for the Athena award and will attend the award presentation this week. I am very proud of her accomplishments and constant dedication to her business.

I spend my time making as much saw dust I can,  whenever I can.

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Sylvan Learning Center Franchise owner

Sarah sitting at her desk in the Sylvan learning center of Fishers just outside of Indianapolis. Of course her faithful assistant Elise is helping her wrap up the day. 

Very proud of Sarah’s success as both Executive Director of a number of Sylvan Learning centers and Franchise owner of the Fishers center

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New Red Sox fan



Raise ’em right

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Cedar Planter

The day started off with a trip to Grant Cedar mill in Gordonsville, Tn. With the wood loaded up and strapped down it’s time to head home. Nice way to start the weekend after a long week at the office.

Back to the shop for cutting and assembly. 2 1/2 hours later and it’s ready for dirt.


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Great way to start the New Year


Woke up this morning to Jonas Lee Bayne chattering in the house. That’s a great way to start the new year.

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