Windows XP Official Support

07 Apr

So we are officially one week away from Microsoft supplying mainstream Windows XP support. To bad, Windows XP has been a very reliable and stable OS for both home and business  (after initial problems corrected in service pack 1). Wonder what that really means?

Their web site states that they will be providing updates and extended support (paid for) until 2014.
So, the question to be asked is, where will we all be by then? What will be the desktop of choice at that point. Even though I liked the way that Vista played it just couldn’t get over the bad press hump from it’s initial release. Some of which was truly self inflicted, while some being ignorance from end user and application vendor stand point.
Will Windows 7 be a better product and more accepted as the business desktop new standard? I think after running the beta version it stands a better chance.

I have set a reminder in my calendar for December 31 2013 to remind me that XP support is officially gone and to remind me to ask the question. Where are we today? Should be fun to look back.

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Posted by on April 7, 2009 in Computer Stuff


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