Packed and ready to roll

10 May

Well the culmination of the weeks of packing came to an end today as we filled two POD’s. With the help of 10 friends and family we packed, stuffed and stacked all of our worldly possessions into a 16 and 7 foot container. Ted is a FANTASTIC packer! We only had to sacrifice 4 items that were too large. While the guys were packing the Pods, Becky’s sister and niece’s finished packing and cleaning the house. All of this took less that 3 hours to accomplish and we beat the rain. God is AWESOME!

Our friends the Folands arrived later to help us finish the house cleaning. Jackie took a ride on the buffer finding out that it had a mind of it’s own. We were then able to enjoy a wonderful Twin Trees pizza dinner and some laughs with them. We will miss them!

Tomorrow is Mothers day which we will spend with the Thompsons ( Becky’s sister). Then it’s back here to fill the van and get ready to roll out early Monday morning.

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