Yet another experience for Jeremy

25 Jul

So I got a text message as I was walking into a Dr’s office this afternoon “hey pops, Tony Dungy is here signing autographs”. dungee
Yep Jeremy was working at Belmont this afternoon and Coach Dungy was there. I got home from work and asked him if he saw him. Yep he said, As he walked into the Event center, the center’s manager threw his arms in the air and yelled, Bayne, am I glad to see you. I need you to fix somebodies stuff. He had to fix coach Dungy’s video and audio, shook his hand and chatted with him for a while.
Has God opened doors for this kid or what.
Last week he was in Baltimore working at a church for the second time with a guy that sings backup for a number of Christian groups. One of which was FFH (stands for “far from home”). They are also the worship leaders at one of the churches which we have visited.
This weekend Jeremy starts working at Long Hollow Baptist Church as their monitor guy. We get to go see him there and visit yet another new church. We have been to 3 different ones at this point.

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Posted by on July 25, 2009 in Family Stuff


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