Nothing better than seeing God at work – part 1

08 Oct

It has been quite a week, but let’s start with the phone call from Jeremy last week while I was at work.

Jeremy – Pops, you will never guess who just called me?
Me – Who would that be
Jeremy – Denver
Me – Denver who?
Jeremy – Denver from Denver and the Mile high Orchestra
Me – really?!
Jeremy – Yep, I didn’t know any Denvers so I had to stop and think who would be calling my cell and then he said who it was
Me – so what did he want?
Jeremy – He asked me to come mix Front house at his concert in Wisconsin.

Ok so I guess I better explain. Denver needed someone to mix Front house, which is what the audience hears, in Racine Wisconsin.
DMHO is A Modern Day Horn Band.
Becky and I want to see them when we first arrived here in Nashville.
Jeremy asked him where he got his name and phone number. He told him from the head of the audio department at Long Hollow Baptist church which Jeremy has been working on occasional Sunday mornings.
Jeremy’s response, “must be I have made a good impression at the church”
My response ” yes you have and God is awesome”

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3

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Posted by on October 8, 2009 in Family Stuff, Just Thoughts


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