Nothing better than seeing God at work – part 2

10 Oct

Saturday October 3 we had the chance to watch Jeremy at work again. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control,  Jeremy was asked to step up and fill in as the Production Manager of the Christian Showcase at Belmont.
This request came 3 days prior to the production. Productions can take up to 3 months to plan and put together.
But step up he did and did a fabulous job. Being prepared is something that I have watched our son mature into and master. So the folks running the show knew who to call.  <Updated Sunday October 11, 2009> In my devotions this morning , Chuck Swindoll described what we have seen in Jeremy this year. Gumption!
While I agree that God was working in this and I can’t tell you how proud of him we are, it’s not what the title refers too.
We spent two hours on Saturday October 3, listening to four young adults sing about and proclaim the Gospel of Christ without any fears at all. Don’t let anybody tell you that 20 something’s have walked away from God. These young adults were AWESOME and ministered to us. I am so excited to see what God does with their lives and their careers.

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