Nothing better than seeing God at work – part 3

10 Oct

One of the churches we have been attending down here is Community Bible Church in Brentwood. Last Sunday they announced there would be a benefit concert on Wednesday evening being organized by The Katinas . You see the Katinas are from Samoa. This is where the Tsunami hit a couple of weeks ago. They have setup these benefit concerts to be held over the next 4-5 weeks and are attempting to raise $100,000.oo in order to travel there and provide funds to help rebuild.

So Becky and I decided to step out and step up to see what a Benefit Concert was like. Well, Let me tell you how God worked that night. I think it could be described best as “ a 2 hour jam session.

We were entertained by and then lead in worship by
Michael W. Smith
Natalie Grant
Jeremy Camp
Melinda Doolittle
ColmanBlue – some members were formally part of ZoeGirl
There were 2 other younger singers that sang as well, I just need to remember their names.

When Natalie Grant was introduced, she came out of the audience with her husband (piano player)  where they were sitting and worshipping with their kids.

Then towards the end we watched as one of the Katinas came out to talk to us and we watched some guy in jeans come out with him who looked like a stage hand. Yeah well, that’s because we didn’t recognize who it was because he was then introduced to us as Jeremy Camp. (Side note one of Jeremy’s good friends handles the lighting for Jeremy Camp on tour).  Back on topic…… Jeremy Camp spent the next 20 minutes leading us in worship.

The amazing part of the whole evening was that this concert was not about the entertainers. They were quietly introduced, sang us one of their songs for entertainment and then lead us in worship with one or two more songs.
Then, they just left the stage, no encore, no bowing, no nothing, just humble service to our God and for His service.


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