Passion for Christ

25 Jan

While I know if you have been called to be a pastor then you should be passionate about preaching the Word of God. But this morning I watched a man preach the word of God to an empty sanctuary and with so much passion that it can only come from God.

Let me explain.
We attended
Long Hollow Baptist Church this morning as we normally do, however, we had found out yesterday via Twitter that our pastor would not be there because he was given the opportunity, with 5 others, to travel to Haiti and assist The Global Orphans Project in the recovery.
So, what did he do?
On Wednesday he quickly filmed the sermon in an empty sanctuary. There was no audience to feed off of, no amen’s to drive him on and no laughter for his jokes. At least while he was taping, but let me tell you that all of those were there this morning at a packed house watching the video. It was AWESOME! A man that actually practice’s what he preaches and with passion.
David Landrith I applaud you and your example

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