Good Family, Good Friends and Great Laughs

01 Jun

Pictures Added

With the help of the Millers, all 4 of them – David, Sarah, Levon and Mary, Yancy Riley, Kevin Griffith, Lindsey and McCauley; Jeremy, Becky, and I have officially moved into our new house

What a day, we started at 9:00 AM, packed the truck by 11:45, started the caravan of a 24 foot truck, a Van, 2 pickups and a Jeep all loaded to the roof tops. Arrived at the new house and unloaded by 5:00 PM with beds put together and dinner started. Oh yeah, EXHAUSTED!

It’s quiet here tonight because the Millers have returned to Indiana and Jeremy is out for the evening. We still have a lot of boxes and totes to unpack, but WOW did everyone do an awesome job. We could not have arrived at this point with out them.

A special shout out to Kevin and Yancy, co-workers and great new friends here in Tennessee. The families comment when they left, “you have some great friends”.

Thank you to all of you for a great job and great friendship

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