What a beautiful day

07 Aug

Looks like we may get a break in the hot weather here in Nashville today. Woke up this morning and it’s only 75 and the humidity is nothing even to speak of. It’s a great morning to sit outside and enjoy God’s word before starting the day. The birds are singing, the locusts are crying for more rain and the lawn mowers and trimmers have started. Other than the occasional plane going overhead it’s very quiet. God truly has blessed us with a wonderful home and area to live. I still wake up and wonder if I am in a dream sometimes.

We knew that taking the leap to move was going to mean a lot a faith and  a lot of changes. But right now, even given some of the bumps in the road, I am glad that we followed Gods lead and made the jump. We do miss our families and the friends that we left behind, but have started to make new friends and family still comes around. Last night Yancy and Misty Riley came by for a visit and enjoyed our evening with us. Yancy works with me and is a brother in Christ. What a great friend God has given us.

He has given us a great church to attend and has allowed me to come to a better understanding of what worship is. I have learned to follow a number of pastors, including ours on Twitter.  God is so awesome allowing us new ways to communicate His word everyday. I don’t say much on Twitter, but follow me if you want @tennredsoxfan

BTW – Yesterday all of Jeremy’s hard work paid off. He was promoted (after only 3 months) to FULL Audio Engineer status with a raise! Guess that means we can raise the rent LOL! His boss told him that he has never in the history of the company, 25 years, had anyone promoted this quickly. Good for you Jeremy!

Got to spend time with Sarah on the phone last weekend. God is being great to them and teaching them every day. Can’t wait to see them for Labor Day.

Mom and Dad will be here soon to enjoy our home with us. We are excited to start getting to know our new town of Mt Juliet with them. it is always nice to have them here but the time always goes to quickly and we never get to do everything that we want. But they are closer now and we can actually drive to their Florida home in 11 hours if need be. We are hoping to take them to the the Wilson County Fair , We hear it’s supposed to be pretty good. So mom and dad, rest up!

The Lord is good and Greatly to be praised!

Laugh with someone today!

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