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25 Sep

Today we spent time at the Daniel Smith Colonial Days at Rock Castle, Hendersonville, Tn.

Rock Castle 15

Daniel Smith Colonial Days is a two day reenactment that offers the opportunity to experience life in the late 18th century through the eyes of those who lived it. 
We watched a Parley between settlers and Cherokee Indians signing a peace treaty and exchanging gifts.

It was a beautiful day to be outside together holding hands and enjoying the sights around Old Hickory Lake.
We talked to people who spend weekends recreating and acting out roles of Revolutionary time business people and homesteaders.

While eating lunch a couple joined us at the picnic table and Becky started up a conversation.
We discovered that they attend the same church we do and moved here about 6  months ago from Chicago by way of Florida.
Becky continued the conversation and in the end gave them one of her business cards – Wonder if we can write the day off on our taxes now?

What a great way to spend the day before our 29th wedding anniversary.

Oh yeah, how could I forget the afternoon dessert stop at Sweet CeCe’s Hendersonville

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