What a GREAT day!!!!

16 Oct

Becky and I had the opportunity to attend BarCampNashville. A day in GEEKVille heaven.

Early in the morning I received a text from my bride that she had her picture with an 8 foot robot

becky and robot

 Well I could not let her be the only one that had a picture taken.
So off I went down the hall and heard someone, well “something” say “Hello Roger”
yeah it was the Robot talking to me.
So I swallowed my social pride and had my picture taken.


Oh yeah I failed to mention that Becky had hers taken so she could win me an IPAD
She didn’t win however, but wasn’t that nice of her……

She didn’t win, but I DID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Even I will be willing to post a bad picture for a FREE IPAD

Below is the Tweet from centresource interactive agency that was made as the announcement to BarCamp Nashville

”The Red Sox might not have won this year,
but @tennredsoxfan was the winner of our last iPad!

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Posted by on October 16, 2010 in Nashville Experience


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