Christmas 2010 has come and gone…..

26 Dec

But what a great time we had with our entire family. All Pictures here…. individual links below

Christmas Morning-1804

The week started with Becky and I making the trip to Florida to pick up her parents so they could spend Christmas with all of us. We left Friday morning arriving in Florida in time to spend the evening with Becky’s sisters family. Florida pictures here . We were able to get some projects done on mom and dads house as well and then headed back on Sunday. We will return with them to Florida on December 30th to take Becky’s parents home.

Sarah and David arrived here early Monday afternoon to spend the week with us. David had a special project to finish up when he arrived. He started building Sarah a Coffee table up in Indiana and brought all the pieces to assemble and finish here. It was awesome watching him complete the project before giving it to her on Christmas day. Because it was a bit colder here in Nashville than normal, we had to bring it into the house each night to warm up and dry. Which meant that we needed to keep a certain young lady out of the kitchen at night and early morning. Pictures of process and unwrapping . He did such an awesome job with the table. He should be very proud of himself. I am !!!
It is always hard to say goodbye as Dave and Sarah left Sunday after Christmas to return to home.

On Tuesday Sarah and I started our day early by taking our annual shopping trip to finish up Becky’s Christmas shopping. Even with an upper respiratory infection, Sarah was a trooper to help me get everything finished and keep me on track. We arrived home in time to head to lunch and Christmas entertainment on the General Jackson. Pictures here
Tuesday evening we enjoyed a Christmas evening with McCauley before she returned home to Memphis to enjoy Christmas with her family. Pictures here

Wednesday evening we enjoyed a trip to Shadrack’s Winter Wonderland for wonderful lights and music. Jeremy and McCauley were able to get tickets to the Garth Brooks benefit concert 

Thursday allowed us to rest a bit, finish up cookies and playing a few games. Pictures

Jeremy shared his talents with Long Hollow Church where he ran monitors for the singers at the Christmas eve service. The rest of us joined him for the afternoon Christmas eve service. Then we came home for our traditional Christmas eve pizza and waited for Jeremy to finish up at Long Hollow. When he returned home we read the Night before Christmas and the Christmas story before opening Christmas eve gifts.

Christmas day…… the event all the kids have been waiting for. What a great day of laughter, gifts and SNOW….. yep for the first time in 17 years there is a white Christmas in Nashville and the surrounding area. Sarah and Dave came for warm weather and mom and dad left warm weather. God fooled us all…… LOL!

It was such a great week!!!… Lotsa’ laughing, story telling and eating. It’s always hard to say goodbye when we have to part ways. But we know God has a plan for all of us and someday we will all be together again. Pictures here


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