Never know what we will see

26 Feb

Today is February 26 and at 11:00 am it’s 50 degrees out. A little cool for this time of year in Nashville, but you will not get any complaints out of me.

This morning while eating breakfast Becky and I noticed something in our back yard. We looked out the window and saw a pair of Peacocks walking across the hill

Peacock 4

After a while I went to cut up the old Christmas tree so we could burn it and I ran into them again.

A couple of weeks ago we had what Nashville would consider a “snow storm”. Interesting because it really only dropped 2 inches of snow.
It was interesting to watch everyone attempt to handle this situation. However, the most fun was watching the kids handle it.
This also allowed us to get to know our neighbors better, you see, we have the largest hill in our back yard.
The doorbell rang and it was our neighbors from across the street asking if they could sled.
The next thing we knew we had a number of kids and parents in our back yard.

Sledding 2

I praise God everyday for the new home and yard He has given us. But days like these make it even more special.

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