This is why we moved

10 Apr


Here we sit this morning on the back patio listening to the birds make all sorts of noise.

It’s April 10 and they are predicting record temperatures today around 90. Now granted that is a bit warm for me, but considering the alternative I am not complaining. Yesterday we had a temperature around 88 and the sun was very bright all day. The wind tends to blow a lot around here which makes being out in the sun much easier to handle.

Becky planted her first Tennessee vegetable garden yesterday in hopes to get some tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas. We had to put a fence up with a bird screen to prevent the peacocks from getting into it.

We have a frog living somewhere near the back door that is very loud. I am going to have to find it and evict it soon.

It was a rough winter by Tennessee standards ( not compared to Syracuse), we had about 10 inches of snow which literally shuts down the city each time it does. Now understand that it didn’t come all at once. The most we had at one time was 4 inches. We get a lot of ice with it that makes traveling near impossible because they do not have the equipment to handle it.

Friday evening Becky and I were able to enjoy yet another concert here in the area. We traveled about 45 minutes southeast of us to Murfreesboro for the Big Daddy Weave “Love Come to Life Tour”. What an awesome evening of entertainment and worship. Not only did they sing and perform for us, but they lead us in actual worship. I have been to church services that have not worshiped our Lord this well.

As with any concert there are always opening acts to prepare you for the main event – so to speak. That night we enjoyed the fairly new and young group Luminate. Now I have to admit, 5 years ago I would not have enjoyed them, but let me tell ya, 5 young guys on fire for God were awesome to watch. During the actual Big Daddy Weave performance, Mike Weaver stopped and talked to the crowd about salvation and commitment to God. I watch the young men from Luminate come out and hold teenagers in their arms while they dedicated their lives to God. Guess that “Judging the book by it’s cover” really takes meaning more and more each day.

We also enjoyed the treat of watching and listening to Chris Sligh as the second opening act.  The same Chris Sligh from American Idol. He was very funny and a great singer. WOW! We even got to see a picture of his 5 month old daughter.

It’s been a great weekend!



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