Great and Busy Friday

08 May

After 30 years of marriage, dates with Becky are still fabulous and worth getting through the work week.

Friday we went on another date to the WAY-FM concert here in Franklin, Tn. Performing were Stephanie Smith, The Afters and Sanctus Real.

What made this concert special was that we were able to watch Jeremy do his job for the first time since he started working for CTS Audio last April.
Most of what he does is on the road so we don’t get to see him in action very often.

He was the Monitor Engineer for  Stephanie Smith and The Afters.

Sanctus Real travels with their own monitor engineer, who happens to be a Belmont grad as well. However Jeremy enjoyed lunch with the lead of Sanctus Real.

It was great to see him in action again, even with a broken foot (softball). I love watching the excitement that his career brings him.

BTW – Great Music!!!!!

Other GREAT event on Friday….. Sarah and David closed on their new home in South Bend, Indiana and are very excited to get started with some renovations and moving.
We were able to see it on Easter Weekend and will help them move in totally on Memorial Day weekend.

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