Yet another project

04 Jun

We finally started the project of building steps up to the top/back portion of our yard today.

Something I don’t get to do very often anymore is to work with Jeremy.
I always enjoy working with him because we think alike, which means that tasks get done without a lot of explanations.
We just work well together. But what he always brings is a set of eyes that see things better than I do.
His mind see’s jobs like this as a large puzzle and he can figure out where to put the pieces.

Today, broken foot and all, there he was out in the very hot day
working by my side to help me  get this project started.
We were able to get three of the 21 steps done. But that is always the hard part because you have to figure
out how they are going to lay out, sit and run up the hill.

BTW – when we finally quit at noon it was 95 outside and four hours as enough in that heat. Ended up being 98 today.

Now lest I forget my other working partner, Becky was right there at a crucial part when I could
not see a critical piece that I needed to see. She saw it and explained what my mind could not see.
Of course, as she said it, Jeremy came around the corner and said the same thing..
They both just

DSCN5303   DSCN5302   DSCN5308  DSCN5304

Forgot to say that we are building these without real plans, just some pictures and explanations from the internet.

Stay tuned……

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Posted by on June 4, 2011 in Family Stuff, House and Home


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