Fathers Day

18 Jun

As I was driving to work yesterday my thoughts turned to my father, Leroy Allen Bayne. I thought of him as my knee was just screaming and asking me why it had to work.
My shoulder was a bit balky and I wondered if it would allow me to work on my stairs when I got home in the evening.

I thought of Pops because he suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis as long as I could remember. By the time I was in my mid teens had gone through multiple surgeries for his knees, hands, feet
hip, etc… but what stood out the most in my thoughts yesterday, as it has for years in my mind, was that I never remember him missing a day of work because of it unless he was flat on his back in the hospital.

I never remember him complaining about the pain or the loss of use in his hands which stopped him from doing what he did best, repairing cars. I have never met anyone that could just listen to a car and tell you what was wrong with it. He was the best mechanic around and it took 2 companies and three retirements to slow him down.

But what he was best at was setting an example for my sisters and I. He was never rich, he was not a great talker, but he was a great father that taught us to work hard and be proud of who we were. We never went without and were always a family.

I watch Jeremy diagnose audio issues just by listening and I can’t help but think of Pops. I sometimes wonder what kind of conversations the two of them would have had.
I see Sarah working two jobs at times and working long hours on her present job to make sure things are where they need to be.

God took him home in January 1989 but his legacy continues on with his grandchildren. He would be proud of all 11 of them.

Thanks Pops –happy fathers day

Lest I forget this fathers day, God gave me a wonderful substitute over these years with my father-in-law, Don Cole.

P.S. The knee settled, the shoulder held up and I returned home from work to see Jeremy working on the stairs – even with his broken foot.


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Posted by on June 18, 2011 in Family Stuff, Just Thoughts


One response to “Fathers Day

  1. Terri

    June 20, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Yes, Roger, I agree we were blessed to have him as our dad for as long as God had allowed. Thanks for posting this.


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