Canning Day

31 Jul

Yesterday was a busy day in Mt Juliet.

Up at 5:30 to prepare breakfast burritos and strong coffee for Jeremy and a friend of his before they had to be back at Belmont for
a job they have been working together this week. Jeremy as the monitor engineer for a CTS contract job and his friend as the self
contracted lighting director.

Then Becky and I were off for a 45 minute trip down the road to Lebanon to purchase
FRESH picked peaches. Becky canned peach jam and froze peaches with orange juice.
A benefit which was being able to boil down and save the left over syrup for waffles Sunday morning before church.

Photo Jul 30, 10 40 34 AM   Photo Jul 30, 7 40 58 PM

If that wasn’t enough work, off we went to the store to get more jars because we needed to do something
with the tomatoes from the garden.
Becky found a recipe for salsa and decided to prepare and can that as well.
Photo Jul 30, 7 41 14 PM  Photo Jul 30, 7 41 05 PM
A process that took until about 8:00 PM last evening, but let me tell you how awesome the house smelled.
Tomatoes cooking! Garlic, onions and peppers being cut and mixed in to boil and thicken up.
BTW – Tastes awesome as well!!!!

The best comment all day was by Becky when she looked up and remarked how
wonderful it was to do all this work in an air conditioned kitchen instead of a HOT and steamy one.

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  1. Dad

    August 5, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    only about a week and than coffee on the porch


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