Another Successful Holiday and summer visit’s

06 Sep

Well we close the books on another holiday and summer visit with the family.
Dave and Sarah left Monday morning to head back to South Bend
and Mom and Dad leave today heading back to Florida.

We hade a great time being able to visit and laugh a lot. The downside is that they had to leave again.

We spent Saturday morning cooking breakfast over the open fire. That was fun and it always tastes just a little bit better.
David helped me build a cooking tripod so cooking will be easier on the fire. His father provided the important welded parts and 
Dave and I assembled it. Of course under the watchful eye of Becky’s dad.

Photo Sep 03, 10 25 09 AM  Photo Sep 03, 11 07 58 AM

It’s always fun having David around because he brings excitement to the family. He was enjoying waiting for the crows to come back so he could
use the BB gun. He was alright until he took after his mother in-laws squirrels.

Photo Sep 04, 3 10 10 PM

Before the weekend, Dad and I built a set of Corn Hole boards which we played a number of times this weekend. We even got mom and dad to play one game.

Photo Sep 03, 7 18 48 PM Photo Sep 01, 5 25 03 PM

Mom and Dad have been here for a few weeks now and we have enjoyed a lot of baseball, nights outside on the patio and of course, Sweet Cece’s.
Dad bought an IPod Touch early on and it’s been a lot of fun teaching him how to use it. David came up with the idea to show mom
how to play “Words with Friends” on it as well. So now who gets to use it and when, LOL.

We also spent an evening at the Wilson County Fair 2 weeks ago with Mom and Dad. It’s just the right size to enjoy in an evening and see all we need to see.

Photo Aug 19, 8 13 15 PM


Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend much time with Jeremy over the holiday weekend, because he was doing a show in Atlanta and
didn’t arrive home until Sunday evening. We will have to make up for that another time.

As much as we drive each other CRAZY, we are still family and it’s always hard to say goodbye. But at this time God has us in different
areas of the country and He knows the reasons. So for now we hold onto the memories we make each time we are together and anticipate the
“Next” time.

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