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06 Nov

I try not to brag about myself here or in life because I have found that it gets me nowhere except in trouble, but I felt it was ok to put this up here. SO read on if you care too…..

About this time last year our pastor, David Landrith (@davidlandrith) at LongHollow Church challenged us to read through the bible in a year. Being a Christ follower for about 41 years, this is something I have never been able to do let alone have the discipline to do it. But being the technological pastor that he is, he recommended that we find an “app for that”. So off I went to my handy dandy Ipad I and low and behold there was a very good app from (@YouVersion). I even put the the same app on my IPhone.

Photo Nov 06, 8 19 06 AM

I can’t say that it’s not been without it’s struggles. Missing days because of travel and holidays have been the biggest hurdles. But I found out quickly that it was going to be all about discipline. If I missed a day, I had to make it up by spreading that missed day over the next few days so I didn’t get overwhelmed.They say that it takes six weeks to start a habit. But I also found that I had to find a consistent time each day to read.

I must as an important point here…. This reading did not take the place of my daily devotions. I used this reading as a secondary read for the day, but read it after my devotions.

Another aspect was I was able to pick how I wanted to read, instead of end to end, I read it Chronologically. What in interesting way to read it. I learned more than I ever have and enjoyed the process.

BTW – you can do it with your computer as well as mobile device.

For those that might say why not use the actual written bible I have. This kept me on track and quite frankly I found it easier to read. Just glad I didn’t have to open the old Dead Sea Scrolls every day. Same Word of God, just a new way to present it.

Well that’s about all I have to say about that..If you read this far, thanks for reading


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