Christmas 2011

26 Dec

Pictures from the day here:

Well the work shop is clean and the projects are done. The presents are open and the space under the tree is empty ( well sorta). That would mean that another Christmas has come to an end (well sorta). Jeremy, Becky and I celebrated the the birth of Christ here in Nashville. What a wonderful day it was with the sun shining and the birds eating at the bird feeder. It’s always a joy to watch as the gifts are open and the surprises abound. This year was no different. The weather was warm enough for Becky and I to take a walk without jackets in the afternoon. We have celebrated 3 Christmas’s here now and have seen 3 different ones.

Gifts included a new Pelican case for Jeremy to carry his work tools from show to show
Christmas-2011 74

A table that we made for Becky’s eat-in kitchen
Christmas-2011 109

and an awesome new remote Jeremy bought for me to eliminate the other 4 and a sweet Chisel Hammer


 Christmas-2011 19

We spent late Saturday afternoon at Longhollow Baptist Church for the Christmas eve service. Then returned home to enjoy the evening watching old movies and eating homemade Calzones. Christmas eve was a bit chilly (about 40) but we were able to walk around the development to see the lights. Something that we have never been able to do before..

I say that Christmas has “Sorta” come to an end because Sarah and David will be here towards the end of the week to celebrate another Christmas day with us and then the New Year. This year they celebrated Christmas in their new house for the first time. It’s always hard to be away from them and the rest of the family for the holidays, but God has us right where we are supposed to be and the two of them where they are supposed to be. We missed the rest of our families as well. It was nice to talk to each of my sisters to hear that they are doing very well. Becky touched base with those in Florida and New York.

Until we see you all again.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… May God bless you more this year than last.

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