Christmas #2 and Holidays come to an end

01 Jan

Sarah and David arrived on Wednesday evening to celebrate the balance of the Christmas holidays with us. We decided to treat Thursday as if it were Christmas day, so we rose early, ate homemade cinnamon rolls and opened stockings. Then we proceeded to open the gifts that sat under the tree all week or arrived on the second Christmas eve from South Bend. After Becky received the prototype table for Christmas, Sarah received the final project made a oak. David now gets to put it together after transporting it to South Bend. I can’t wait to build to projects from the Woodsmith project planner they gave me. We continue to see and enjoy David’s HUGE heart, so after sacrificing his IPOD Touch for orphans, Santa left a reconditioned IPAD for him under the tree.

2nd Christmas day pictures

 Christmas with Dave and Sarah 8  Christmas with Dave and Sarah 17  DSCN6201  Christmas with Dave and Sarah 52

What a wonderful day it was! It’s always exciting to have Dave and Sarah here. They complete the circle that God started so many years ago. It’s very hard to have them so far away, but we continue to stand on the premise that God has them where He wants them right now. We spent the evening enjoying a fire on the hill while cooking hamburg’s and sausage. The weather was perfect in the mid 50’s to 60’s all weekend.

Friday the Girls went shopping while the we stayed home to watch football. Friday evening we all walked around the Gaylord Convention Center enjoying the lights and the decorations.

Gaylord 36 Gaylord 25 

Gaylord Pictures

Saturday was a day to watch more football and enjoy New Years Eve Day together. While the Boys went to Cory’s Dog House for lunch, the girls relaxed at home. We took the time to get a family portrait done on the back stairs in the afternoon. Jeremy did a great job with his very fast camera.

Fam New Years Eve 2011-2793  Fam New Years Eve 2011-2805

Family Pictures

That evening the kids pitched in to do the cooking. Jeremy made his best batch of chicken wings yet on the grill, while David and Sarah cooked pizza in the house. David even found Jeremy’s old Legos and spent quite a bit of time setting them up.

New Years Eve 2011 2  New Years Eve 2011 9 

New Years Eve Pictures

Well here we are on January 1, 2012. David and Sarah have headed back to South Bend while Becky, Jeremy and I prepare to return to work here in Nashville.
It has been a great year for all of us. David began his trek towards his Masters, Sarah continued to move the South Bend Sylvan Learning Center forward all while buying a new house and making it their own.
Jeremy has seen so much more of the country than he ever imagined he would and is preparing for his next round of touring. Becky’s business grew even more over the year and has more exciting times ahead. I started a new job at Emdeon Business Services and look forward to the challenges that it will bring in the new year.

God was awesome to us in 2011 and we look forward to see what He has in store for us in 2012.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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