Super Bowl Weekend

04 Feb

Go Giants!!!


So where does this weekend find us all,

Scattered from Portland, Maine to Indianapolis, Indiana to South Bend, Indiana to Zephyrhills, Florida to Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Jeremy informed us on Tuesday that he was rescheduled to fly to Boston on Wednesday in order to do a show Thursday and Friday. Then he was off for his scheduled trip to Portland on Saturday to do another show on Super Bowl Sunday. They hope to be done with the show and have load out completed in time to watch the game. He took his Red Sox hat to wear as he got off the plane in Boston, but has his Giants hat to wear Sunday in Portland.
I received this photograph from Jeremy this morning.llbean

So where’s the rest of the family?

David is headed to Indianapolis, not to attend the game, but to enjoy tailgating prior to the game.
Sarah will enjoy the game in South Bend, Indiana with her friends.
Mom and dad will enjoy the game in Zephyrhills, Florida.
And Becky and I will enjoy the game here in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

The last time we enjoyed the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, we were still living in Clay, N.Y. and watching the game with the Folands.

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