Another step forward

05 Feb

Tomorrow I return to life after surgery. It has been a fast two weeks but then again a slow two weeks.

God has been awesome! The pain has not been nearly what I had expected or told it would be. The doctor was very impressed with my progress on Thursday, feeling that I’m further along than most patients are at this time. Therapy has been as hard as anticipated. But that means I just have to focus more on it.

I had already been scheduled for I T I L training classes, so I will attend those classes for three days, with an exam on Wednesday. Then Thursday, return back to the office and work for "a somewhat normal eight hour day."

I cannot tell you how much more I appreciate my bride today, and the things she has had to do for me over the past two weeks. I’ve really come to appreciate what it means to have a help-mate. I have had to work hard to resist doing the things that my independent spirit would push me to do. Everyone I talked to prior to surgery emphasized the fact that I needed to let this arm recover before I try to do anything. There are just so many things you cannot do without that second arm, especially when it’s your dominant arm.

I have another few months of recovery (possible 9-12 total), with five more weeks in the sling, so I’m sure there are more things she will have to do. Funny, we talked this morning that even after two weeks we could write a book of the things that you can’t do with one hand.

When not traveling, Jeremy has been here to help me do things as well and to take over for his mom so she can get some rest. Whether it’s getting me out of my chair because it’s easier to have him pull me up or cut up my dinner because I cannot handle a knife yet, he’s been there. But I must say he has enjoyed the laughing moments as well the banter that has increased in our house :-)!

Dave and Sarah helped out in their own way by shipping me a package of DVDs to keep me occupied while I sit here to recover. My dear daughter also included a box of whoppers  , which I enjoyed during the first week of recovery. I know that they wanted to be here, but that just didn’t make sense at this point. Pray for David as we wait for his Masters application to be accepted.

Fortunately for us on this Super Bowl Sunday we are able to watch church from the house live over the Internet instead of traveling to Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville. While we would have rather traveled to church, it just made more sense to avoid the crowds and the possible bumping up my arm.

So this Super Bowl Sunday afternoon I sit here writing this while anticipating a wonderful game tonight as my Giants beat that other team. Jeremy will enjoy the game from Portland Maine, Sarah and David will enjoy it from South Bend Indiana, mom and dad will enjoy it from Zephyrhills Florida and we will enjoy it from Mount Juliet Tennessee.

Yeah one more thing, prior to surgery I had lost 36 pounds. One of my biggest fears was that just sitting around would put that weight back on. Stepping on the scales this morning I see that I’ve only gained 1 pound back. So I look forward to getting that last 10 pounds off after complete healing.

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