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11 Feb

It’s Saturday, February 11 and it’s been quite a week.

On Sunday, February 5, my New York Giants won the Super Bowl, Again!, Defeating the New England Patriots! Again!

On Monday, February 6, I started my return back to everyday life after rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. This return began with attending I T I L Foundations classes at New Horizons Training Center in Nashville for three days. I found that writing with my left hand was sometimes more difficult than imagined and sometimes easier than imagined. It is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I also found that I was able to survive the three days with the ability to concentrate on the material at hand. The ITIL Heroes’ Handbook is an excellent read and the perfect explanation of ITIL/ITSM.

On Wednesday, February 8, I passed the I T I L Foundations certification exam that is associated with the class mentioned above. I’ve lost count of the number exams I have taken since 1998. But each one has been worth the effort and worth the experience, they all have added to my abilities.

On Thursday, February 9, I returned to the office for the first time in exactly 3 weeks. Which also meant that I was three weeks out of my surgery. I drove my Van to work that day for the first time after surgery. Putting a seatbelt on is an interesting experience with your arm strapped to your side.:-)

On Friday, February 10, at 5 PM,  I returned home after two days in the office, sat my recliner, took a deep breath and thanked my Lord that I made it through the week! 🙂 Then enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Jeremy while Becky enjoyed the evening at church attending Momentum.

I Woke up Saturday, February 11,  to the headline and picture below.

It’s Truck Day for Red Sox fans


Pitchers and Catchers report in less than eight days!
Oh yeah, Also woke up to see it snowing! Winter for one day, I think we can handle that.

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