A beautiful sunny Saturday

10 Mar

So here I sit on Saturday morning March 10 watching a Chicago Cubs – Chicago White Sox spring training baseball game. It’s about 45° this morning but going to go up to the mid-60s. It’s nice to sit in the living room watching the sun shine through the windows and seeing the grass on the hill starting to turn green. It looks like we’ re going to have to start mowing pretty soon. Jeremy has already volunteered to pick up the first part of the season. While he has always been willing to help I am anxious to return to my household chores.
My shoulder is making great progress! I am at seven weeks post surgery right now. They started weaning me off the sling at five weeks while at home, at six weeks for half days while at work and now I only have to wear it if I feel that I need it. It does get tired very quickly so I have to find ways to rest it and I am limited to what I can pick up with it. But, picking up includes a full coffee cup 🙂 . They want me to try to eat with my right hand now to get that movement back. Each day I see my arm capable of moving to different levels, for instance, I can button my own shirt now. YAHOO!!!! Washy what’s left of my hair with two hands is the next step!
I still find the hardest thing to do is sleeping in bed. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve actually spent a full nights sleep in bed. Probably a couple more weeks to accomplish this feat comfortably.
In the end, every small step leads to larger steps which leads to full recovery.

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Posted by on March 10, 2012 in Family Stuff, Just Thoughts


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