Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

Thank you to my Pop’s for teaching me how to work hard no matter what the circumstances. He taught me that “never quit” attitude.

Thanks to my father in law for taking over when God took my Pop’s home and for teaching me to never settle.

I have known for a while going into fathers day this year that I would not see either Sarah or Jeremy today.
Sarah is living in South Bend, some 8 hours away and Jeremy is working this weekend in Allegan, Michigan at the Big Ticket Christian Festival.

Sarah and Dave were able to go to the concert yesterday and watch Jeremy work.
I told Becky the only thing I wanted for fathers day was a picture of the two of them together. This is my gift!

Photo Jun 16, 4 31 44 PM

(Those are some hard working tired eyes!)

As much as I would like to see them both, and we may see Jeremy very late tonight, I could not have asked for a better fathers day gift than to know
that God has landed both Sarah and Jeremy exactly where He wants them and needs them.
After all, what is a fathers role if not to train up his children and let them fly.
Successful children has to be the greatest gift of all!
It would be very selfish of me to demand that they be here today "for me". I love them, I care for them and I miss them, but in the end….
….their commitment to God and their willingness to live their lives according to His principles is the greatest gift!

Thank you both!

Photo Jun 16, 6 05 16 PM

  Photo Jun 16, 6 05 23 PM

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