Happy Independence Day

04 Jul

So what do you do in Nashville when you know that temperature is going to reach…..

 image  image

……..You get up early and head to a state park that you have never seen, to find a water fall, well actually 4 water falls.

Seeing how Jeremy would be spending the day setting up a concert for Jeremy Camp, we decided to find a new experience. We headed 1 hour and 20 minutes east of home to Burgess Falls State Park.

This is the statement on the Park web site concerning hiking to the falls

The 1.5-mile round-trip River Trail loop is a moderately strenuous hike taking visitors past four waterfalls on the Falling Water River. The waterfalls are 20′ cascades, 30′ upper falls, 80′ middle falls, and 136′ lower falls in height. The 1-mile Ridge Top Trail is very scenic with views down the main canyon of the Falling Water River. Please note that the trail from the main overlook to the bottom of the main falls is very strenuous

I think we would both agree with ALL the statements above….. LOL   — Pictures here


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