Gods sense of humor

14 Jul

Here it is Saturday morning and I get to enjoy the quietness of my back yard while enjoying Gods word and the rain.
Rewind a few years; I will never live in a development!
Fast forward to 2010; When we were looking for house I really wanted to stay with that statement. But everything we looked at was too expensive and so far out in the boonies that well, neither my wallet nor my bride was thrilled.
Then through a conversation with my boss at the time, We started to looked down different avenues. The first house that came up was in a town that both Becky and I said "not for us" and I said " not in a development. Well we went to look anyway. Hmmmmmm.
Rest of the story… Two comments from two young people I respect very much;
From my niece Amanda who was with us the first time we looked at the house, when I asked her opinion, her response; "I heard the angels sing uncle Roger"
And from my son Jeremy, as he stood on the back hill in the woods behind the house, "when are you buying it."
So today I sit on the back patio, listening to the rain fall, being reminded more of the cabin in the Adirondack’s that Becky’s family owned, than a house in a development.
We have great neighbors that are more like family than neighbors, we enjoy a nice small town with a big town feel. We have woods in the back where we can have a fire when we want. I have a work shop that is almost as large as the original house we owned 30 years ago.

So yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor and a wonderful sense for us. When God is directing the events of our lives, they are right! Thanks God

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