Time to catch up–part 1

29 Aug

Well its about time to catch everyone up with what has been going on down here in Mt Juliet, Tn.

On August 10th Becky and I headed to Columbus Ohio for the “Parents Handoff”.
Becky’s folks had been spending time with her sister for a few weeks. You see, the daughters convinced the parents to fly to Rochester for their yearly trip instead of driving. Which also meant that somehow they needed to get to our house in Mt Juliet, so the above stated “Handoff” happened. It was nice to spend time with Debbie and Ted for the evening in Columbus.

Being so close to Dave and Sarah, (It was only a 5 hours trip down back roads and through small towns. I guess that’s close enough).  So on Saturday morning we packed the 4 of us into the car and headed to South Bend, In from Columbus Ohio. This gave mom and dad the opportunity see the house that Dave and Sarah bought and remodeled. We had a great time enjoying their backyard , their church and their town. We were able to spend some time with Dave’s folks on the lake. which of course was the site of the wedding. We had a wonderful time riding in the pontoon boat enjoying the wildlife and the sights of the lake.

Next up is the trip from South Bend to Mt Juliet…. another 475 miles…. BUT, there would be a pit stop… (well many actually, but that is another story)
You see, back in his younger days dad served with the Boys From Syracuse and the
138th Fighter Squadron ….  no he did not fly…he was a photographer. He would load film into the plane (pictured below) prior to it’s mission. Notice that the write-up states it was used during the “Cold War”. Dad has waited years to see this plane and to see the credit given to the Berlin Crisis.

2012-08-13 11.48.20  2012-08-13 11.41.42  138th Fighter Squadron emblem.jpg

………So we decided to stop at Grissom Air Museum. A place we had passed on each trip to Dave and Sarah’s. What a great way to spend a cool August morning…. It was exciting to see the pride in dads eyes when his eyes saw that plane for the first time in years. It was a joy to listen as he explained how he loaded that film with the engine running just prior to take off.

4 days, 1100 miles, lot of laughs and joys…. we made it home….WHEW… so stay tuned for Part II of summer….. to follow soon…..
BTW — the pizza dough was already made and ready for dinner… thanks Jeremy….

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