Part II of summer

09 Sep

Well here we sit on the first Sunday of the NFL… I thought it would be a good day to catch up with the rest of the summer or at least the time spent with Becky’s parents.. They have returned to Florida for “Winter”, it’s a bit quiet around here right now with them gone. Although,  Jeremy is home because he has this weekend off. He doesn’t get home on weekends very often, so we have been enjoying the time. He has been working in the shop building a new night stand for his room. He leaves for Anaheim next weekend and the restart of the Woman of Faith west tour.

We had a great time with mom and dad. We were able to do a lot of things and of course, dad and Becky took a HUGE amount of pictures. That means that I drove them to places, ( Dams, downtown Nashville, Parks, etc)…and mom and I waited around so they could get the “Perfect Picture”. If you want to see the pictures, follow Becky and her father on Instagram, because I don’t have enough room to put them here. I think Facebook bought Instagram so they would have enough server space for Becky and dads pictures…LOL

Anyway I digress…..

We found a lot of local restaurants for meals. Breakfast at Courtney’s Restaurant, Dinner at the Sunset Restaurant and Lunch at Cori’s Gourmet DogHouse. Of course summer would not be summer without a trip to Battered and Fried.

We spent time cooking over the open fire on the back hill and enjoyed many a sunset sitting up there late into the evening. Yes NY folks, NO mosquitos, well ok, I think we counted 6.
Each Tuesday night we enjoy the evening with Chris and Ashley Shrom. Chris went Belmont with Jeremy and is the Lighting Director for
Little Big Town. So after Jeremy and Gramp’s finished cooking dinner one night, the boy’s decided to burn the Christmas tree. They played Corn Hole, but I guess nobody cared to take pictures of that.

BTW – I mentioned Little Big Town earlier, Chris got tickets for Jeremy, Becky and I to see the preview show of their new CD “Tornado”. This also gave us the opportunity to see the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. What a great evening!

Early on during mom and dads visit we went to the Wilson County Fair. This is always a fun evening with great music, great food and all sorts of things to look at..

The final thing we did was spend Labor Day Weekend Saturday at the Jack Daniels Distillery. We spent an hour and a half on a guided tour through the distillery and getting the history of how they got where they are today. The tour was free, yes free…no samples. Ironically it’s in a “Dry County”, so they cannot sell their product, except for collectables. After the Prohibition Era, they needed a population of 2500 residents to vote the county “Wet”, they have 800 residents still to this day.
Then we toured the town of
Lynchburg, Tn where the distillery is located. Pictures of Distillery and Town

It was a great 3 1/2 weeks that went by way to fast…People at work still have a hard time believing that we can spend this amount of time with them without going crazy. But as dad said one night, “we have a pretty unique relationship”. I agree….

So now we venture into a Tennessee fall and winter..While Jeremy leaves for Anaheim on Thursday, Becky leaves for Syracuse on Saturday for 6 days. She needs to see some of her customers and speak at Women Ties Retreat. I understand that she may even see family while she is there…

Top Directory of pictures listed on links throughout write-up

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