Fall in Mt Juliet

15 Sep

Its a beautiful sunny 85 degree day here, with the sun shining brightly on my brides flowers.

Becky flew to Syracuse, NY this morning to see clients and speak at the Women Ties retreat on Wednesday (see last post for link). Jeremy left on Thursday to work at Woman of Faith conference in Anaheim, Ca… both trips will make for a couple of quiet days here in Tennessee.
Jeremy returns Sunday evening for a “couple” of days and Becky returns on Thursday evening…..FOREVER!!!
But after spending some time mowing the lawn this morning and working in the shop for a while, I get the afternoon to relax and enjoy my choice of football and of course my Red Sox. Yep, they are nothing more than basement dwellers this year, but that doesn’t make me any less a fan.

It’s been a while since I updated about my shoulder. Yesterday marked 9 months since surgery. There have been times when I wondered if it would ever heal enough to do anything. But it occurs to me that I have forgotten about it lately. Which, I guess, is a good thing. I was able to spend last saturday running a belt sander for about about an hour and I can mow the lawn in one shot now. While it gets tired when working, I am finding that I can do more, longer, before it gets too tired. I see the doctor in 2 weeks and my hopes are that he tells me to just get back to normal. My goal is to start building end tables for Becky using wood from the old dining room table.


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