Another beautiful day in the Smoky Mountains and interesting moments

05 Oct


Thursday was another beautiful day in the Smoky Mountains as we awoke to the crispness of on-coming fall weather. It quickly turned to a warmer day enabling us to enjoy the marvelous handiwork of God.

After spending a relaxing morning at the cabin we ventured out to find some trails. We started at Cataract Falls, a short walk to an underwhelming trickle of water, but it was nice to be in the woods and stretch our legs. Do not ask me why there was a fire hydrant in the middle of the woods next to a tree. Maybe it was to protect all the tree houses…

After that, we drove about 7 miles to Laurel Falls. This was described as a 2.6 mile walk up a steep, paved trail. It was steep with quite the drop off in some spots, but as a very young girl told us half way up,
“almost there! and its worth the walk”. It was…
Pictures start here… next comes that interesting moment the title referred to.
On the way down Becky wanted to sit for minute to catch her breath and take pictures. We sat down on a bench that was pretty close to the ground. While we sat there a young boy came up and said “ look dad I found the bench” not knowing what he was talking about we just kept enjoying the view.. When his dad arrived he asked where it was.. the next words out of the boys mouth made me jump… “ the snake is right there…. Yep right under my feet!!! For those that know me… that was not the most enjoyable part of my day. But I survived and we moved on to the next adventure.


A drive to 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome,  Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s highest point. Becky wanted awesome sunset pictures and she wasn’t disappointed.

Clingmans-Dome 78

BTW – my kids enjoyed the snake story and wanted to know if I survived….I did and I am glad that I can provide their cheap entertainment

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