Kim and Al cont.’

21 Apr

We continued our time with Kim and Al on Friday by spending the morning at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center. After a cold front came through during Thursday evening, it was nice to spend the morning inside. It is always nice to walk through the convention center and see what they have added. It also gave Kim and Al the chance to buy some gifts and souvenirs.

Gaylord 16 

Downtown Nashville 5

Not willing to give into the weather, we headed downtown for some Friday night dinner and lights. This was the coldest day we had while they were here, but with warmer jackets and a willingness to brave the winds, down we went. After dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, we spent the evening walking around town enjoying the sights and sounds of the Friday night in Nashvegas.

Then Saturday we set the alarm clocks and headed down the road to Lynchburg, Tn., for a visit to Jack Daniels Distillery and a walk around the town. Yes April, I took your mom and dad to a distillery. What another beautiful day we had. The temperatures were in the mid 60’s, the sun was shining which kept us warm. We had a tour guide that reminded Al of Junior Samples of HEE HAW days.

Jack Daniels Distillery 1

 Jack Daniels Distillery 23

We had a great time and this guy was a wonderful story teller. After the tour we wondered around town and into the gift shops. We had a wonderful BBQ lunch at BBQ Caboose in Lynchburg with live music and a visit from the owner. After wrapping up some more souvenir shopping we headed home.

We finished our week eating dinner with Jeremy and Ashley out on the patio and a nice warm fire in the upper woods. Ashley tried her best to Aunt Kim to share some blackmail stories about me from my childhood, but somehow she just couldn’t come up with anything Smile. We reminisced about how Kim and Al met and about their first apartment.
Last Night 6

We bid them goodbye after a Sunday morning pancake breakfast and some final laughs. What a great week… We watched baseball, even Yankees on my TV Sad smile , we learned a lot of Nashville and Southern history, ate a lot of southern cooking and just caught up with each other.  6 days was way to short to catch up after 3.5 years, but we did our best.

Almost forgot that we stopped at Fort Negley, Belmont and the Marina as well.

2013-04-15 14.15.49


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