Time to catch up

22 Sep

Mom and Dad arrived the last week of July to spend the next 5 weeks with us.  There is always so much to do and never enough time to get things done.

Picture Links:
Leipers Fork
Fall Creek Falls
Wilson County Fair
Sunset at Marina
Cumberland Bridge Sunset
Weekend with Dave and Sarah
Last Weekend

The visit this year started off with a trip to the local Barber for Dad. I received a text the week before they arrived because dad needed a haircut, but was waiting for his “
City Limits Barber Shop” experience. An old fashion Barber shop with local family history.
2013-08-02 17.47.14
This year the weather decided to turn cold and rainy for the first few weeks they were here, but we didn’t let that stop us. One of the places we really wanted them to see was the small town of Leipers Fork. So off we went on that first Saturday morning for the hour drive south west to enjoy the stores, the food and the antiques. I think the highlight of this day was Dad’s Lunch at Puckett’s restaurant of Fried Bologna. Of course we  just had to make a stop at Sweet Cece’s for the matriarch of the family Smile.
Leipers-Fork 8

Another Saturday we spent the day at Fall Creek Falls State Park and enjoyed multiple waterfalls, lookout spots that were VERY high and a suspension bridge. Because we have had so much rain this summer, the falls were flowing nicely for us to enjoy. Mom learned how to use the camera on her IPod that day and had some very nice success. Becky and I had decided to walk down one of the paths that said there was a suspension bridge. WOW, what a treat to walk across this thing. It wobbled, it swayed and fortunately it stayed. It never seemed to end as we walked across it with the far end being dark. It reminded me of the scene from Jurassic Park where they walked out onto the bridge hoping to be free from the residents of the island only to figure out they were in a prehistoric bird cage. I kept a sharp eye out for unwanted residents Smile.
2013-08-24 13.06.49

We spent many an evening taking pictures of sunsets. We tried to find new spots for mom and I to sit so the “Click Happy Duo” could take pictures. We went to marina’s, bridges, downtown, small hill tops, lakes….on and on and on…Smile Good thing I have unlimited data plan on my phone. We could listen to the Red Sox and yes, on occasion the Tampa Rays for mom during our evening excursions. We usually finished these evenings with a trip to Yogurt Mountain on the way home, so the evenings weren’t a total loss.

In the middle of the visit, Dave and Sarah were able to travel down for the weekend. This gave mom and dad the chance to see their oldest grand daughter with her baby bump. What a great weekend. Unfortunately Ashley was not able to join us but Jeremy arrived home soon enough on Sunday to have breakfast with his sister and catch up a bit.
Weekend-with-dave-and-sarah 8

Oh yeah, speaking of Ashley, the Monday after the above visit from his sister, Jeremy proposed to Ashley.

A staple of mom and dads visit is our annual trip to the Wilson County Fair. This is a fair that is just the perfect size and has just about everything that we want or need to see. As usual the best part of the trip is the Sausage sandwich with peppers and onions while listening to Blue Grass at the Fiddlers Grove stage.
Wilson-county-fair 3

All too quickly they must return to Florida. The visits are always full of Baseball, laughs, evenings on the back patio, campfires, way to much food and multiple trips to yogurt mountain/ sweet cece’s. Dad had one request before he left and that was to hear Ashley play her violin. Of course, being the wonderful gal she is, we all enjoyed a beautiful concert in our living room.
The next day they flew back home, but before they did, Becky brought them over to the lake near my office and we enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

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