Best wife ever award goes to Becky

02 Jun

We have been doing a lot of work this year both inside and outside the house.

Becky has been a trooper learning everything from how to level a floor and painting with chalk paint – Office Remodel …. (almost completed)

2014-05-19 19.00.12

… shoveling/digging dirt and laying a deck.
Yesterday we finished both the new garden and the deck that leads up to it.
Below are the results of a lot of hard work with my beautiful bride by my side.

The Garden is 10’ x 16’ with a 5’ round the corner section. That is 4 yards of topsoil and garden mix. For those that don’t know, that’s 8000 lbs. of dirt that she helped me move. I will admit we had a bit of a hand with shoveling one of the yards off the truck from our adopted son Chris Shrom.

2014-05-18 14.21.51

Then we needed to finish off in front of the kitchen windows and make the connection to the existing patio. The result was a 10’ x 7’ deck. But we had to remove 15 – 16”x 16” patio blocks and level the ground. Becky carried more dirt than she cares to remember.

2014-05-18 14.22.11

2014-06-02 12.26.40

Becky topped off the garden with 9 cubit feet of peat moss and ready for planting!

Gods perfect plan never shows itself more to me than when Becky and I team up to accomplish something.

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