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Raise ’em right

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Cedar Planter

The day started off with a trip to Grant Cedar mill in Gordonsville, Tn. With the wood loaded up and strapped down it’s time to head home. Nice way to start the weekend after a long week at the office.

Back to the shop for cutting and assembly. 2 1/2 hours later and it’s ready for dirt.


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Great way to start the New Year


Woke up this morning to Jonas Lee Bayne chattering in the house. That’s a great way to start the new year.

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Another Christmas in the books

House full of giggles, hugs and hide ~n~ seek is what this year brought.
Two new faces God has blessed us with this year. Elise has brightened our Christmas days for 3 years now, but now Teagan and Jonas add new personalities and joys.

Christmas 2016 pictures

Gift List this year:
Flip Top Art Center for Ashley
Faux Fireplace for Sarah
2 – Scooters for Teagan and Jonas
Wheel Barrel for Elise
8 cedar or pallet wood hearts for Ashley, Becky, Sarah’s office managers and my boss
Blocks for misc gifts

Thank you God for allowing me to learn how to build

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Christmas dinner 2016

What do you do for dinner on Christmas day in Tennessee? You eat outside because its 72 degrees.



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Faux Fireplace

First of many Christmas presents finished and delivered this weekend.

Thanks to for providing the plans. Complete Pictures

Built out of Poplar wood with white satin paint. Crown molding cut using the Kreg Crown Molding Pro

Built in Nashville and installed South Bend.

Merry Christmas Sarah


We also saw Santa, rode a train, made cookies and hung a TV – Pictures


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North Carolina Trip

This weekend we made a whirl wind trip to see some friends just east of Charlotte NC. Scott is battling cancer so we used the trip to catch up and check in on his progress. He is a testament of Gods grace and a great attitude. I am not sure I could be as postitive as he is given his condition and the long term treatment ahead of him. While his condition is not terminal, the treatment will be permanant as long as God keeps him with us. Which I pray is along time!

I had the priviledge to build him a Challenge coin display in honor of both his past service in the Marines and his son, who is presently serving in the Marine corp.
While on the trip we spent a few hours at the Billy Graham Library.
I could not write any words here that would properly describe the impact that Dr. Graham has had on this world. Please click the link and let the library fill in my words.

Needless to say, we all walked out with memories of the impact that Dr Graham has had on each of us.

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